Swedish design makes our products significantly different than those of competitors. Based on the minimalistic and simple style, the value of experience in on another level.


To achieve superior customer delivey we employ a knowledgeable and caring sales team. We want all of our customers to have access to the most up to date information on what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s on tracking situation.


Through the years, we have developed a solid distribution network in Scandinavian markets and have managed to build a reputation of excellence amongst the key players of the Nordic toy trade.

About Us

Amaze your customers with the power of the Swedish toy design

Nordic Høj is a powerful, expanding Nordic toy brand wholesaler, selling toys with and without licenses as well as proprietary products and creative articles for children. Our customers are the largest retail chains throughout Scandinavia and toy chains, but also smaller independent bookstores and toy stores.


Our true passion for Toys is already 10 years old!

Fully aware of the significant difference in demand between nordic markets, our initial priority was to offer a selection of toys in bilingual packaging for the Scandinavian market.

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Check Our Values

Our culture and values help us fulfill our purpose. That helps us to better understand our key partners needs.

Keep your children protected and safe. We realize that materials used for our products have to be non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe to use.
We understand that our mini vechichles has to provide extra funtionality what gives our key partners special quality for our products.
We understand that our mini vehicles must provide extra functionality to deliver special quality products for our key partners.

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